Votes for tenants

In the many, many possible changes mooted in the proposed revamp of the strata laws, one is the idea of giving long-term tenants a say in the running of the buildings where they live.

Think about it. Tenants are a huge part of the strata community – more than half the residents of City of Sydney are tenants and most of them are in strata.

Tenants actively choose to live in their buildings.  It’s not quite as easy as home hopping every six months, but it’s a lot easier for a tenant to go somewhere else when their current abode is inhospitable than it is for an owner.

Tenants see a lot more of their buildings than their landlords do.  And they are the ones who have to deal with the consequences of the lot owners’ absentee votes.

And, hey, maybe if they were treated like the valuable contributors to a community that they are (rather than a necessary evil) we’d all be a lot better off.

So why not give a vote at the AGM on non-financial issues only for tenants of more than two years standing?

You can download the strata law discussion document, and send in your response, by going HERE.

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