Poll: What annoys you most about your neighbours?


It’s been a while since we asked Flatchatters what they think about this UnAustralian lifestyle of living on top of each other, sharing space and having to tolerate each other’s foibles (while expecting them to put up with ours).

We love living in apartments but we know this lifestyle isn’t perfect.  So let’s get all our gripes and grumbles off our collective chests.

Choose up to three responses from the options below, so go for it.

Have fun!

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3 Replies to “Poll: What annoys you most about your neighbours?”

  1. Bennifer says:

    Hi Jimmy, I hit balcony smokers not barbecue burners but it has processed the wrong vote. I’m not sure if maybe the link between those options might be wrong? Balcony smoking bothers me way more than the smell of a BBQ…

  2. JimmyT says:

    There, I put an extra smoking vote in for you. Gotta rush as the young blokes below me who don’t know how to cook in a kitchen have just fired up the barbie for the fifth time this week.

  3. Bennifer says:

    And I’’m closing my windows because my neighbour (not even in my unit block but from the block next door whose balcony is about 2m away from mine- although the guy 2 floors down smokes on his balcony too) is having about his 8th ciggie of the day while the smoke wafts into my windows. I can’t wait until his emphysema cough starts up later too… God I love unit living- NOT 😉

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