Will cook and clean … for a room in your home


Take people who don’t have enough time on their hands to do basic domestic duties … but own one of seven million spare rooms believed to be lurking in Australian homes, and you have a potential solution to our current housing crisis, according to Ludwina Dautovic.

Dautovic, the CEO and Founder of The Room Xchange , says trading a couple of hours housework for a room of their own could be the stop-gap millennials are looking for as they struggle to get into the housing market, either as tenants or owners.

“As the mother of a 26 and 24-year-old, I understand all too well the financial challenges this generation is facing in regard to independent living,” she says. “Income hasn’t increased to match the cost of living, pushing a generation out of the housing market.”

The Room Exchange is a platform that connects busy, time-poor households with guests who provide two hours of domestic help around the house each day in exchange for food and accommodation, says Dautovic.

“Our guests are primarily millennials (university students, home leavers and international students) who either cannot afford to rent or don’t get a foot in the door. Our hosts (busy professionals and time-poor households) gain much needed help around the house whilst utilising an existing resource – the spare bedroom,” she adds.

“We need to be finding alternative solutions to the housing crisis and by tapping into over seven million unused spare bedrooms in Australia, we can not only put a dent in the problem but solve a dual sided issue.”

This month, Dautovic says she will be cooking and cleaning for a host in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, documenting her experience via video and blogs on the Room Xchange website.

“This is a third option for people struggling to enter an expensive and highly competitive rental market,” she says.

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